To download a full functioning demo of SalonPro
Click below  

SalonPro for Windows Demo



After downloading the setup file click <Start>

Choose <Run> from the Start menu.

Fill in the drive and path letter to the demo file you just downloaded.

Click OK and follow the on screen instructions


This demo copy is fully functional with limitations on the number of clients and products/services.

To start the demo type: Click The SalonPro Demo Icon

Before you begin browsing the demo you should customize the system by choosing "Customize" from the Options menu.


Print settings: This is where you set up the type of printers, invoice and report printing that you want.

Devices: This is where you set up various hardware peripherals connected to your computer such as cash drawers, pole displays and receipt printers.

Security Settings: You can set up security levels for different functions in the system. Be sure that you set a password for yourself before you set up the security.

Other settings: This is where you enter the salon name, tax rate and various other functions that customize SalonPro to your way of doing business.


We ship the demo with a few employees installed. You may want to edit them to familiarize yourself with the different types of commission tables available.


On the main screen, choose to enter a client or just ring a service or product to a blank client.

We list all the functions on the buttons at the bottom of the work screen. Use the options button to access additional functions.


You can access the appointment book from the work screen by clicking the button or pressing <F10>.

If you have any questions about the demo call either our sales or support department and we would be happy to help you.

Sales: (800) 830-9992

Support: (630) 550-5400