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Cash Drawerscr3000lores
The CR3000 family of cash drawers have a footprint of only 15.7 x 16.1 x 3.3 inches for the space conscious purchaser and an internal cash tray that rivals much larger drawers through efficient use of internal space. Five bill and six coin compartments can be easily adjusted to customer’s needs. Precision machined parts and ball bearings guides assure wobble-free drawer movement and an amazingly smooth ride. All drawers have contemporary styling a large media slot three-position key lock and no exposed screws for extra security.


Available in 2 different interfaces:

USB Interface:
USB interface can be used stand alone, not run by a receipt printer. Optimal for salons that do not print receipts, or use full page receipts. This interface is useful when your hardware doesn’t have available serial ports.
List Price $345.00 Our Price $199.00

Printer Interface:
Printer Interface cash drawers work with Citizen 40 column receipt printers. Other available receipt printers are Epson, or Star.
List Price $210.00 Our Price $160.00


MS9520 Voyager Hand Held Auto-Triggered Scanner (With Stand)cr3000lores
With a futuristic design and high-performance scanning technology the MS9520 is clearly the most advanced auto-triggered scanner on the market today. Enabled for both In-stand and Out-of-stand operation Voyager can be used as a hand-held and fixed presentation scanner. The MS9520 Voyager is the perfect scanner for the salon/spa environment. Decodes all standard bar codes from up to 3 inches, even on odd shaped objects typically found in salons.
USB or Keyboard Wedge Interfaces
List Price $399.00 Our Price $199.00



Credit Card Swipe Readerscra-Dynamag-1
The MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader is designed for POS and desktop applications where space is at a premium. The entire unit is just 90mm long (about the length of a credit card) giving it the smallest footprint of any unit with comparable features. The MiniMag is a fully intelligent swipe reader that can be programmed to divide rearrange edit and validate fields of entered data. The MiniMag reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. Its standard-length slot makes it easy to use. Both beeper and LED indicators signal a successful read. The MiniMag Intelligent Swipe Reader delivers exceptional functionality and value in the smallest possible package. It can be used as a free-standing unit or permanently mounted with threaded inserts on the bottom of the reader. USB-Keyboard interface.
List Price $219.00 Our Price $110.00





Citizen CT-S310ii

Environmentally friendly, cost conscious printing

The industry-leading CT-S310II is a compact and advanced receipt and bar code printer.  Featuring an ENERGY STAR® power supply, paper-save function, halogen-free housing and packaging produced from recycled materials, the CT-S310II is truly environmentally friendly.  With an easy maintenance cutter and patented long life printing (LLP) technology, capable of extending print life to over 200km, the CT-S310II offers the ultimate combination of performance and energy efficiency.

· High speed 160mm/sec printing

·Choice of paper widths

·Extensive range of advanced functions

List Price $325.00 Our Price $210.00

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